Miss Yellow is now Adoreas Ridged ChewBecca! She has joined Pernilla and Jidde’s Ridgeback pack in Enkjöping, Sweden. Jade and Luke (all three with names from the Star Wars) will be her best friends. She will also spent lots of time with dad Arjuna, Madde and Kjell.
We have been in thouch since it was decided that Arwen was going to mate Arjuna, and we met up with them for the first time during the mating.
ChewBecca will be living a very active life with lots of running, playing, tracking and showing. And perhaps some agility if she love that as much as mom Arwen.
Pillan (Pernilla) is the best photographer so we look forward to all the nice pics of ChewBecca. You can follow them in their blog HERE!

Jidde and Pillan picking up Miss Yellow (and Miss Pink, out other Swedish girl)

Jidde out walking Luke, Jade and baby ChewBecca the first day in a new home.