Adoreas Ridged Cimba

Mr Brown is now Adoreas Ridged Cimba. He will live with Heidi, Jan Petter and the boys in Fredrikstad. They lost their old Ridgeback Shaka (12 years old) few years ago, and now they were ready for a new big hearted friend.

Our handsome boy 8 weeks old.


Adoreas Ridged Cola

Miss Green is now Adoreas Ridged Cola! She will stay here with us at Kennel Adorea for now.
Arwen, mom to this litter, stayed at Kennel Adorea for 4 months and then she moved to Merete on breeders terms. She moved because my Toller was almost at the same age, and it was a handful to have two puppies. We have a special bond because she stayed that long. We will keep Cola and see how thing works. Merete and mom Arwen will also take care of here, and we think that’s perfect! And if it’s too much with 4 dogs at home, and if a very very nice familiy close to us can take her on breeders terms we will see. Time will show! Now we will just have a great time together and learn to know each other. I’m in love with my Cola allready! And to make it easier to convince Erik that she should stay, I named her Cola! He loves Coca Cola.
I have already signed us up to puppy class. Can’t wait to have a puppy again!

Cola 4 weeks old.

Cola 7 weeks old.

Hello world!

Cola this evening!

Adoreas Ridged Chika

Miss Purple is now Adoreas Ridged Chika! She will live with Heidi and her son Kevin in Lyngdal. They are both very excited and look so forward to get Chika home!
They have both been in touch with me since we had our B-litter, so I know this little Ridgie-girl is very wanted!

Adoreas Ridged Compis

Mr Blue is now Adoreas Ridged Compis. He will live with Bente and Frode in Tønsberg. Compis will share his life with Zico, an Austrian Pincher, and we hope they will be the best buddies!
We have been in touch since before our B-litter were born, so I’m happy to finally give them their Adorean boy!

Compis with Frode and Bente

Adoreas Ridged Cicero

Mr Black is now Adoreas Ridged Cicero. He will live close to us with Gry, Anders and the kids. He totally stole our hearts, so Kennel Adorea kept the breeding rights at this stunning boy. So we will see much of this boy, and he will be seen in the showrings in the future.

Cicero with Anders and Gry.

Adoreas Ridged Cayla

Miss Orange is now Adoreas Ridged Cayla! She will live with Rino and Hege in Lier.
We have been in touch since before our B-litter were born, so I’m happy to finally give them their Adorean girl. Cayla is a true Mea-look-alike!

Cayla with Rino and Hege

Cayla in her new home. A true Ridgeback