Merete, Arwen’s “mom”, has been here twice today. The first time she brought her mom and niece, Live. Arwen knows Live well, so we said it was okey for her to join her in the puppy pen.
I don’t want people that Arwen don’t know to be close to the pups so early. When the pups are 3 weeks old, that’s okey. I want the mom to have a calm environemt the first weeks.

Live loved to be close to the pups:

Live and Miss Green (yes I mixed the collars today too, but now I know)

Arwen loves to get som cuddle of “mom” Merete

Sweet Miss Liver on her moms leg.

Merete’s mom and Live

Miss Red has some strange sleeping positions.

The second time she brought her boyfriend and his son. Arwen was thrilled to see them again.

Jørgen and little Tristan

Tristan and Miss Liver

Merete helped me take headpics of the pups afterwards. They will come here later. (Perhaps tomorrow).

Thank you for a nice day, Merete! Arwen loves to have you around!