Adoreas Ridged Chloe

Miss Liver is now Adoreas Ridged Chloe (l)! Chloe will live with Elin and family close to us on breeders terms. Her aunt Adoreas Ridged Almea will take care of her, and mom Arwen lives in the neighbour house. One big happy family! And I will see her every week at the agility class. Hopefully she will compete in agility one day! We will for sure see this promising girl in the showring!

Elin fell in love with our Miss Liver from the day she was born. She said early that she wanted Miss Liver to live on breeders terms with her familiy and aunt Almea. And the day I first stack them, 3 weeks old, I told Elin that I was totally agree! And very happy for it!

Pics of Chloe and Almeas first meeting HERE! More pictures of them HERE!

Elin and Chloe

Almea and Chloe

Almea and Chloe


Adoreas Ridged Cuba

Mr Grey is now Adoreas Ridged Cuba! He will live with Linn-Meritha and Lewi in Sande. He will follow mom out horse riding and will be a stable boy.
Kennel Adorea kept some breeding rights in this handsome guy, so we will see him in the show rings in the future!

Cuba with mom and dad.

Cuba and his new furry friend.

Adoreas Ridged Cera

Miss Red is now Adoreas Ridged Cera. She will live with Silje and Morten in Bodø. They lost their previous Ridgeback not long ago so I hope Cera can bring lots joy to their lifes! She will live an active life and they will bring her to dogshows.
They are very good photographers so we look forward to all the nice photos of their princess!

Silje with Cera before they flew home to Bodø

Cera up north

Adoreas Ridged Coda

Miss Pink is now Adoreas Ridged Coda (l). When grandma Mea’s breeder, Veronica Thoren, asked me for a puppy for her best friend Jenny, I just had to say yes. She gave me fantastic Mea. Coda will live a happy life with Ridgeback Haley, and also spend the daytime with Ridgeback Tinja. Jenny spent a day with us when the pups were 4,5 weeks, and Pillan&Jidde were kind to bring Coda with them when they picked up ChewBecca.

Jenny with the pups 4,5 weeks old

Veronica’s picture of Coda with Haley. Tinja didn’t want to be so close to Coda 😉

Adoreas Ridged ChewBecca

Miss Yellow is now Adoreas Ridged ChewBecca! She has joined Pernilla and Jidde’s Ridgeback pack in Enkjöping, Sweden. Jade and Luke (all three with names from the Star Wars) will be her best friends. She will also spent lots of time with dad Arjuna, Madde and Kjell.
We have been in thouch since it was decided that Arwen was going to mate Arjuna, and we met up with them for the first time during the mating.
ChewBecca will be living a very active life with lots of running, playing, tracking and showing. And perhaps some agility if she love that as much as mom Arwen.
Pillan (Pernilla) is the best photographer so we look forward to all the nice pics of ChewBecca. You can follow them in their blog HERE!

Jidde and Pillan picking up Miss Yellow (and Miss Pink, out other Swedish girl)

Jidde out walking Luke, Jade and baby ChewBecca the first day in a new home.

Night in the woods

The pups have started to leave, and last night I brought the reminding pups to the woods with Toller Caprice. It was a bit too dark for taken photos, but you can see how fun they think it was!
Click on the first one and see the pics in a slide show:

At the country side

After the pups met horses, they played around:

“Hi, do you want to play with me”? Miss Yellow and the horses!

Click on the first picture and see the other pics in a slideshow:

Our girls

Starring: Grandma Rex Ventors Mea Adorea, mom NORDJW-10 Adoreas Ridged Arwen, aunt Adoreas Ridged Almea and the little ones Chloe (Liver) and Cola (Gren).

Almea washing Chloe


Mea, Cola, Arwen, Almea and Chloe.

This season (litter) colors on the blanket. Blue for the boys and Purple for the girls.

Best sisters!

Chloe, Arwen, Cola and Almea