Miss Liver is now Adoreas Ridged Chloe (l)! Chloe will live with Elin and family close to us on breeders terms. Her aunt Adoreas Ridged Almea will take care of her, and mom Arwen lives in the neighbour house. One big happy family! And I will see her every week at the agility class. Hopefully she will compete in agility one day! We will for sure see this promising girl in the showring!

Elin fell in love with our Miss Liver from the day she was born. She said early that she wanted Miss Liver to live on breeders terms with her familiy and aunt Almea. And the day I first stack them, 3 weeks old, I told Elin that I was totally agree! And very happy for it!

Pics of Chloe and Almeas first meeting HERE! More pictures of them HERE!

Elin and Chloe

Almea and Chloe

Almea and Chloe