A new day with dad Arjuna, grandma Madde and Pillan.

After some cuddling with the pups this morning we vent to the woods to meet some puppy buyers. They wanted to meet daddy Arjuna, and Arjuna needed to run before the long drove home to East of Sweden.

The dogs found some left overs from some grilling

Handsome dad Arjuna

Daddy cool

Daddy cool showed off his muscles to girlfriend Arwen

Toller Caprice also loved Arjuna

The dogs ran in the sandpit

Arwen, Almea and Arjuna

Arjuna is goregous

Arwen and Arjuna flirting while sister in law Almea looking another way

And some cuddle time wiht the pups afterwards. Left: Heidi and Kevin (Chika)

Endre (Almea and Chloe)