This afternoon Madde, Pillan and daddy Arjuna come to visit us and the pups! So nice so see them all again!
Dad Arjuna don’t want to go near the pups, he think they are a bit creepy 😉 Like most males.
Arwen thought it was quite nice to have Arjuna around again! They even shared the sofa.

If you want to meet daddy while he is here you can come here at 12:30 tomorrow before they leave!

Here are some pics from a walk up the hill behind our house:

And here are some pics that Madde and Pillan took:

Me and the dogs out walking

Mom Arwen wanted to play and run with Caprice. They had a blast!

Crazy mom!

Grandma Madde meeting her grand childrene for the first time

Madde and Miss Purple!

Kiss kiss