My dear puppybuyer Elin (Adoreas Ridged Almea) joined Merete and me during the birth of the pups. And already from the day they were born Elin fell in love with our Miss Liver.
She said early that she wanted Miss Liver to live on breeders terms with her familiy and aunt Almea. And the day I first stack them, 3 weeks old, I told Elin that I was totally agree! And very happy for it!
So little Miss Liver, Adoreas Ridged Chloe, are going to live 25 minutes away from us, I got to see her at the weekly agility training, and she is going to live as a neighbour to mom Arwen and Merete! It could not be better!!! For all of us!!!

The first meeting between Almea and Chloe:

Elin, Helle and their RR’s!

The second meeting some days later:

The third meeting some days after that:

The fourth meeting today, and they are really bonding now. Almea loves Chloe like her own: