Since this is a C-litter all the pups shall have names that start with C.

Here are some suggestions, but we wil be happy with some more! Here are some I like, and some of the suggestions we got when we had our Toller C-litter.

Cody, Cash, Charlie, Castor, Ceasar, Carter, Calvin, Chester, Cayton, Cosmo, Clyde, Cruz, Cruice, Cognac, Cyper, Calypso, Chase, Cassius, Cy, Cinnamon, Carbon, Copy, Copper, Cambel, Canernet, Cactus, Cliff, Cairo, Cowboy, Cajun, Camaro, Camelot, Capone, Chief, Captain, Chuck, Carmichael, Clapton, Casino, Chaplin, Clay, Coach, Collin.

Chanel, Carmen, Cera, Ciara, Cortina, Caramel, Caramelita, Choco, Coco, Cappa, Chloe, Cherie, Cala, Cherish, Chica, Camelia, Cora, Cia, Cleopatra, Chiquita, Celeste, Clementine, Carmine, Cake, Cookie, (yes I’m hungry right now ;-), Candice, Capri, Corona, Carrera, Cha-Cha, Cher, Cola.