It’s almost Wednesday morning and it’s 13 hours since Arwen started to give birth. And we have 12 miracles in the puppy pen!!! 12 in almost 13 hours. I’m speechless! 8 girls and 4 boys! As far as I can see we have one boy and one girl that have a ridgefault. And some have some white socks. And 2 wonderful liver nosed girls! Finally we have some here at Adorea! 
In some hours we will have the first DS check, and I can’t say I look forward to that! But it will be nice to be done with that.
Arwen is an amazing mom, and she just lay there giving birth to one puppy after another while breastfeeding the others. Super-mom!
I think (and hope) she is finished now. 12 angels made on New Years Eve! WOW! Magical!

Mom Arwen and dad Arjuna on New Years Eve!